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Feb 3, 2014


There is something very special about water. It can be a liquid, solid or vapor. It is refreshing, cleansing, and life sustaining. It allows for fun activities like swimming, skiing, sledding, and boating.  Although water seems to be something that is plentiful, it is not always readily available. In fact, water can be taken for granted until it becomes scarce.

Here in Southern California we are experiencing a drought. Droughts occur from time to time and often last for several years.  During a drought, restrictions are put in place to encourage conservation. These restrictions limit use of water per household and encourage decreasing usage through several suggested water saving tips like not running the dishwasher until it is full and having shortened showers and sprinkler times. 

All of this seems to be the exact opposite of life in The Living Water - Jesus Christ. He is everlasting and always available to meet your need. Christ is never limited and is always sufficient. Conservation is discouraged, in fact, frequent and full immersion is preferred. Yes, Jesus is The Living Water and he fills you up to overflowing so that you will never thirst again.

Jesus replied. "But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving eternal life." John 4:14

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