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Jul 28, 2013


Photo By Mark F. Eastman, M.D.

Perhaps you all wrapped up in social media and are feeling bombarded with information. News, headlines, updates, and breaking stories one after another. Most are about tragedy, injury, heartbreak and well, plain stupidity. It is enough the make you loss hope and feel as though there is nothing good left in the world. Still, buried there between the headlines and hype lives the stories of miracles and joy. There are accounts of bravery, kindness, the amazing human spirit and especial God's grace. Even in every day ordinary life, God's magnificence shines through.

If you are having trouble finding magnificence, you need look no further than the sky. There at night you will witness God's radiant handiwork in the glow and twinkle of the stars, moon and planets. With the help of a telescope you can stand in awe of the endless canvas splattered with sparkling beauty and colorful warm iridescent hues. Once morning arrives, feast your eyes of the magnificent sunrise and the wispy feather-like clouds that dance across the sky. Later in the day, you may be able to catch the red glow of the sun as it kisses the day good bye on its way to set off in the west.

Yes, the Heavens are God's canvas and it is there that he displays a wondrous show as only he can. His beauty is there to remind you just how incredibly blessed you are. You are a child of God! That alone is magnificent beyond words.

"All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent." Isaiah 28:29

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