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Apr 1, 2012

More Than a Chance

Did you catch it? Just about everyone was talking about it and waiting for it. Lotto Fever hit the US this past week. It was all over the news and excitement was in the air from coast to coast. Long lines, some up to 6 hours were reported. It was a record 1.5 billion in sales for the Mega Million with three big winners lucky enough to share the big loot. No, I did not have a ticket, but knew many who participated and dreamed about the spend of their would be fortune. 

It's a curious phenomenon that plays out when money is involved. People take notice and will often do unreasonable things for the purpose of a remote and unrealistic chance. Still, many of these would-be dreamers in search of a chance for a better life, turn their back on the opportunity to gain the greatest reward of all; eternity with Jesus Christ. If Jesus appeared on the scene today, it would be curious to see how many would stand in line for a chance to be with him. Even now when he is readily available and waiting, many pass up the opportunity to know, love and fellowship with him. 

Unlike the lotto, Jesus Christ is more than a chance. He is constant, eternal and always in control. He does not place a limit on or ration his love, power and grace. He asks only that people turn from their sin and pick up their cross and follow him. Are you wasting time and talent on man made or media created opportunities and passing up a relationship with Christ? It is not too late to give up the world and gain a life that is full and everlasting.

And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.

Luke 14:27

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