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Oct 3, 2010

Wrapped Up in Christ
Time is flying! Have you noticed? Do you find yourself asking "where did summer go?". Do you have trouble remembering what you did last month, last week, or even yesterday for that matter? Are you so busy and wrapped up in the day to day matters of life, you find little time to enjoy and savor what matters most? Life seems to spiral into more and more complexity every day. It is easy to become wrapped up and in what appears important, instead of what really is.

Jesus Christ focuses on the truly important components of every day life. He took time to arranged a divine appointment with the woman at the well, He sought out and spoke to those hiding in the shadows, and He went out of his way to include those alienated by society. His example is important. In the midst of life's busy schedule of appointments, meetings, and deadlines, you will be most blessed when you wrap yourself up in Christ. Spend time with Him and know His heart. Become as close to Him as possible and understand His desireS for your life. Only then can you distinguish the significant in the ordinary, and the mighty in the small. When you are wrapped up in Christ, you are clothed in light, peace, and strength. It is then that the important relationships and details of life become obvious and your ability to embrace them abounds.

"But as for me, I get as close to him as I can! I have chosen him and I will tell everyone about the wonderful ways he rescues me." Psalm 73:28

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