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Aug 15, 2010

The Daily Journey is celebrating its 9th anniversary! 
Please keep this ministry in prayer as you continue to enjoy weekly Christ centered inspirational messages.

Begin With the End in Mind

Stephen Covey is a well known author of the book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". On of the principles he discusses in the book is "beginning with the end in mind". In other words, when you set out to do something, you should first determine just what it is you are trying to accomplish.  You should ask yourself, "What is the goal?" or, "What exactly does success look like?" By first understanding what you desire to achieve, you can set the process in motion to plan and attain the desired results. Put quite simply, hope is not a plan. You need to have an outcome in mind and develop a plan to achieve what you want.

As profound as this may sound, it really is a basic principle clearly stated in God's Word. God's design began with an end in mind and we are living in the midst of His perfect plan. God's plan is to have His kingdom come. There is no stopping it. The design and happy ending are set. He has developed the game plan from the beginning of time and has all the players lined up and in place to allow His grand finale to be realized. God is going to make all things new again. This is exciting news to all following His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is coming again and He reigns forever and ever! We look forward to His perfect ending where we will see Him in His Glory and live with Him in eternity forever.

"But then the Ancient of Days will come and open his court of justice and take power from the vicious king, to consume and destroy it until the end. Then every nation under Heaven, and all power, shall be given to the people of God; they shall rule all things forever, and all rulers shall serve and obey them."  Daniel 7:26-27

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