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Jan 31, 2010

Greatest Reward

Everyone loves rewards. There are so many to achieve. You can be rewarded for frequently flying, shopping, and even eating. Rewards can validate an accomplishment, acknowledge artistic ability, or be the exclamation point to a job well done. Rewards can motivate, encourage, and provide incentive. After all, what can be better than getting a reward? Rewards make you feel happy, successful, and yes, even special.

When it comes to rewards, there is none that can compare to receiving the reward of eternal life with Jesus Christ. There is nothing greater! Best of all you do not have to comply with any rules, complete any paper work, or sign up for any affiliation. Christ has completed everything that needed to be accomplished. All you need to do is to accept Him as your Savior and follow Him. Now if you have already done that, you know how amazing it is to belong to Christ. If you have not yet accepted Christ, don't let another day pass without saying yes to His great promise. Jesus Christ is the greatest reward of all the ages and His Kingdom has no end.

"As a reward for trusting me, I will preserve your life and keep you safe."Jeremiah 37:18

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