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Jan 22, 2010

God of Miracles and Wonders

I don't know how you do it Lord. You fill me up when I am empty. You bring me joy when I am dismayed. You set me on the right path when I stray.You find the perfect intervention in a word, smile, or voice from a loved one when I need it most.

Aside from this loving kindness you surround me with miracles and wonders like th beautiful faces of my family and the peace of knowing all of them are home safe and sound. You meet my needs and embrace me with more than I could ever imagine. You provide the best in my life. In times of trouble and challenges you deliver me from fear and anxiety. You are wonderful, glorious, mighty and grand. Wonders never cease and so, I stand in awe of you. Thank you Lord for your gift of love, joy, and peace.



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