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Jun 27, 2021


The dictionary defines surrender as "giving up, laying down or relinquishing power or control to another; to give up completely to something." Surrender is waving the white flag and giving up a fight or position you hold about something. Everyone surrenders at some point in life. As a child you may have surrendered to sleep by giving up trying to stay awake to actually see Santa bring your gifts on Christmas Eve. You may have given in to a friend, spouse or child to have their way over yours in exchange for peace. 

When you are tired, weary or up against a major obstacle that wears you down, you can be in a position to surrender more easily. Being bombarded by the world and its culture can lead you to surrender your morals, values and beliefs. You may over time be nudged to accept certain norms and ways of life as you slowly give up the fight against what you believe is right or appropriate.

Surrender isn't necessarily a bad thing and it can lead to positive change when you give up a bad habit, lifestyle or relationship. What are you surrendering to? You may not even be aware of that which you have given up control of for something that is less than authentic, righteous or aligned with what God would want for your life. 

The ultimate act of surrender is that of giving your life to Jesus Christ. It's when you relinquish and lay down control, fear and worry to Him and trust His will to be done in your life. Sounds easier than it really is. To surrender to Jesus is a daily decision to follow Him and give up the world and all its glamour, distractions and lies. You will have to be different, think differently and change what you fill your mind, time and life with. 

Think you have surrendered your life to Christ? Check yourself. Here are just a few things to consider. 


        • spend time in the Word daily
        • put God first in your day not last or an after thought
        • pray rather than worry       
        • seek God's direction in decisions you are making
        • fill your life with positive relationships of believers
        • choose to listen to, read and watch programming that aligns with godly ways
        • trust God above all

"Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there." Galatians 5:24

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