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Aug 17, 2019

Pick Up Your Mat And Go Home

Many years ago I heard my now favorite Bible, story Mark 2:1-12, in a way that changed my life. The story is about a paralyzed man. His friends go to great lengths to get him in front of Jesus to be healed. 

Recently, I was blessed to have the opportunity to join my daughter in the church she attends, Contemporary Church, in Georgia. Pastor Stephen Contee there has an incredible gift of presenting the Word of God in a clear and powerful way. 

His message on the story of the paralyzed man, his insights and wisdom, are compelling and powerful. I am sharing the link to the message below and hoping you will watch, listen, be blessed and be moved into God's desired for you life. 

You may have the weight of the world weighing you down, keeping you from moving forward, causing you to be stuck or paralyzed. Jesus is the answer. 
The link to the message is here https://youtu.be/RcO922_yK00.  You can find more of Pastor Stephen's messages at https://contemporary-church.com

May you be blessed beyond measure.

“I tell you, stand up, pick up your mat, and go home.” Mark 2:11

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Anonymous said...

Very powerful message. :)