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Nov 20, 2016

Give Thanks to the Lord

Thank you! It's such a simple phrase, yet it is one that we don't say often enough. It should be something we say daily but we take so much for granted and we often forget to be grateful. Family, friends. home, pets, food, clothing, and of course, freedom are all just some of the incredible blessings we are thankful for. 

Freedom in Christ and freedom in our country are two of the most special privileges we have. There is nothing quite like freedom. In our country we enjoy freedom because of the sacrifices others made for us. In Christ we have the gift of freedom and of knowing it has already been paid for in full. There is nothing we can do to earn or lose what Jesus already so graciously did to pay the price for us. What an amazing and incredible gift we have to be thankful for. Think about that. You are free not because of anything you have done but rather because of the sacrifice and love of others and of Jesus. 

Jesus, thank you for loving us so much and giving us the gift of freedom. Thank you too for creating us with free will and allowing us the ability to serve and sacrifice for others. It is because of you that we have, and cherish, all that we are thankful for.  In you we stand in awe and raise our hands and voices in never ending praise and gratitude.

Let all that I am praise the LORD. O LORD my God, how great you are! You are robed with honor and majesty. Psalm 104:1

Happy Thanksgiving!