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Sep 18, 2016

Jesus is The Answer

The world sure is in a sad state. If you are not careful you will find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of drama and chaos.Violence, division, hype about politics, glorification of celebrity, and consumerism have taken the spot light. It is rare to find a voice or leader speaking about or focusing on anything but themselves. It's a challenge, if not an impossibility, to identify someone providing a focus on the simple message of love and goodwill. 

You can be that someone. In fact, if we each were that someone we could influence the message and impact our corner of the world. Share the truth of Jesus Christ. While the enemy continues to lie and deceive, you will be letting those you interact with know the truth.  He is the Living God in whom all good things come.Jesus Christ is the answer.

Beginning and end
Way, truth and life
Strong tower
Living water

"If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead,For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame"
Romans 10:9-11

Sep 11, 2016

Begin With God

Photo Credit Casie Steele 

There He is, right where you are. Yes, it's God. Do you see Him? Oh, right, you are in the middle of something you will stop to acknowledge Him in a bit. I know how that is with life being so busy. What's that you say? Oh, another issue and an interruption so you can't talk with God until later when things settle down. OK, I understand.

Your day of must do's, need nows, can you please, and oh by the ways, can soon become an unending cascade of time spent without acknowledging and being with God. Begin your day with Him. Start with words of praise and prayers. Ask that He guide you and that the Holy Spirit would accompany you in peace and safety through the day. Request the light of Christ around you and your loved ones and that God protect you like the pupil of His eye. Then praise him again and let him know that you love so much the way he cares for you. Thank him for sending his Son to rescue and share your heart with Him. Now walk all day in the grace of Jesus with full confidence that you are in his perfect care. End the day with God. Thank Him and sleep well lifting your heart and cares to Him.

God is the perfect beginning and end to each and every day.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." Revelation 22:13

Aug 24, 2016


Photo Credit Casie Steele


It may not seem like it. There are all kinds of issues to deal with and even more to be concerned about. The news is going from bad to worse to the point where you just shut out that noise and pray. Every day presents another challenge, hiccup, problem or setback. Still, no matter the picture or details of what you are dealing with, you are blessed. 

To start with, if you are reading or having this read to you, you are alive. God loves you and created you to be the one and only you there will ever be in all eternity! You are one of a kind, unique, special and His very own child. 

You may not have everything in life that you want or dreamed, but no matter the situation you have your Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. You have the promise of eternity and in this place the promise of His mercy and grace. Through Him you can do all things. You are blessed.

If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world. If you have money in the bank, your wallet, and some spare change you are among the top 8% of the world's wealth. If you woke up with more health than illness you are more blessed than the million people who will not survive the week. 


Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

Aug 12, 2016

Life's Seasons

Photo credit Alyce Kennedy

School started this week in many neighborhoods. It seems that children learn better with a shorter summer break so they return to school earlier than years ago. Gone are the days of an entire summer off with the once dreaded Tuesday after Labor Day first day of school.It seems strange and sort of illogical to have children going to school in the hottest monh of the summer. The days are long with lots of daylight savings time but it's bedtime none the less. 
Summer now seems shorter. Even retail stores fall season items have managed to appear on the shelves. Christmas won't be far behind. The seasons are upon us faster and faster. It's like summer with a smidgen of fall or fall with a bit of winter. 

Life's seasons seem to be slipping by much quicker as well.  Apparently the older you become the faster time ticks away (or so it seems). Perhaps that is because are lives are so busy and filled with distractions. It may have been many seasons ago when you first came to know the Lord. Perhaps you were a child or teen. It doesn't matter though. The Lord loves you just the same no matter the season of the year or season of your life. You are His creation and He loves watching you move from season to season rooted in Him. See, the world changes and the seasons change but God remains the same no matter what.

Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:2

Jul 31, 2016


Lately it's been a time of focus on restoration. Home improvement, sprucing things up, and repairs. It may have been the result of pretty much solely watching TV channels that have things to do with home remodeling and do it yourself project. There are also TV selections where individuals purchase homes that are uninhabitable and totally restore them. Really incredible to see the before and after comparison. It's pretty unbelievable what can be accomplished with a bit of imagination and care.

House restoration is amazing but what is truly miraculous is the transformation that occurs when someone gives their life to Jesus Christ. They may be down and out, addicted, troubled, homeless, jobless, and even hopeless. No matter the condition of their heart and soul, Jesus is the Great Restorer. He transformers people and makes them new again. 

Perhaps you are reading this and know exactly what I am referring to. You may have been restored and transformed from a life of sin and emptiness to one of joy and grace through Christ. It could also be that you are reading this and do not know the Lord or you may know someone that doesn't know the Lord and you long to bring that person to the Lord. Whatever the situation, Jesus Christ is right where you are. He is not out of reach or inaccessible. He wants to know you and the people in your life that don't know Him. Won't you be the one that leads them on their way to restoration and brand new life in Christ? 

Cry out to Jesus, pray and ask Him into your life. Not sure about the way to do that? 
Here is a link that you can reference or send someone to http://www.harvest.org/knowgod/ God bless you in your journey with the Lord.

Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, whom heaven must receive until the time for restoring all the things about which God spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets long ago. 
Acts 3:19-21