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May 20, 2024

From God's Point of View

It all seems so ridiculous. Things were going well and then this. Life's road takes twists and turns constantly. One day it is all sunshine and roses and the next it is gray skies and wilted dreams. How can it be? Why does it happen this way and where is God in all this? Doesn't he know your world is being turned up side down? 

Your view of the world is quite different than God's view. Where you see lack, he sees potential. Where you sense limits, he sees a chance for growth and change. Your vantage point gives you a glimpse of what appears to be chaos and disorder. God's larger view provides a clearer picture of a vividly designed perfect opportunity that unfolds exactly on time to provide the right solution. It is as if you are seeing the knotted and loose stringed underside of a beautiful tapestry. God sees the beautiful design. Trust him. Wait on him and know that he has your best interest at heart and blessed plan in hand. God always weaves magnificence. Just look at you! 

Happy is the man who listens, watching every day at my gates, waiting beside my doors. Proverbs 8:34

May 11, 2024

Fill Up Your Soul

Life’s journey is not always easy. 
You can fill up on the world and be overwhelmed to the point of hiding in alcohol or overindulging in sweets. 
A far better way to be on life’s journey is being in the Word and drinking in the sweetness and love of Jesus. You and your soul will be in awe and in love. 

Apr 28, 2024

You Are A Miracle

Hey, you. Yes, you reading this. Do you realize that you are a miracle? Take a deep breath. Let it go. Stop and focus for just a few minutes. Yes, I know you are busy and have no time to take a breath. This, however, is important. You seem to have forgotten, or maybe become distracted but, in any case, you keep discounting the fact that you are a miracle. There you are with all your God given talent, a deeply loved child of the Almighty God. You are designed and handcrafted in God’s love and still you act ordinary. 

Take today, for example. Did you rise proclaiming, "Lord, thank you for the miracle that I am, for all you have provided me and for your hand upon my life to display your love and beauty through me".  No. Well, you should! You should know that you are a miracle. Your life, talents, personality, strength, and uniqueness are one of a kind. 

You were created just the way you are for a purpose. Not just any purpose, rather a God-given purpose that only your miraculous self can complete. Whatever ails you, drags you down, limits you and has you doubting your greatness, is merely a tactic of the enemy to defeat the miraculous self God wants you to be. 

Don't just sit there! Stand up and demonstrate the miracle you are. God expects nothing less. In fact, he is counting on you. So am I.

You are the God who performs miracles; 
you display your power among the people.

Psalm 77:14

Jan 27, 2024

The Missing Ingredient

Perhaps this has happened to you. You set out to make the perfect cake. Butter - check. Eggs - check. Sugar - check. Flour- check. Mix and bake. Wait. Something is wrong. The cake is flat. The batter looked fine. Even a secret taste test of the batter (shhh) tasted yummy. The mixer worked great; the oven was set to the right temperature. It must have been an ingredient. Oh no, the baking powder! That's what is missing. The missing ingredient resulted in a flat cake instead of a fluffy raised cake.  


A missing ingredient can also impact life. Home - check. Family- check. Career - check. Pet - check. Mix in friends and stir. Wait. Something is wrong. Life doesn't quite meet the expectations that were set. It looked pretty on the outside and sounded like it would be happy, successful, and full of love, but something went wrong. Oh, yes. There is a missing ingredient. Jesus Christ. Life without Jesus is flat and empty. It falls short of the full life that God intended and never turns out as wonderful as it could be. 


What about you? Is Jesus the main ingredient in your life or is your life Jesus-free or Jesus-lite? Is He fully integrated in your life or just sprinkled on top for appearance? The recipe for life can include all kinds of variation except for the one key ingredient that makes everything else worthwhile - Jesus Christ.


The humble shall see their God at work for them. 

No wonder they will be so glad! 

All who seek

God shall live in joy. 

Psalm 69:32

Jan 17, 2024

Warming Up by the Fire

In most of the country, it’s a bit chilly outside. Some have snow and others just frigid temperatures and ice. The best thing to do is wear lots of layered clothing to keep warm or better yet, cuddle up and sit by fire. There, by the fire’s glow you can settle in and rest. You may even opt for a warm beverage or perhaps throw on a comfy, soft blanket to snuggle under.


The feeling of warmth and comfort by the fire is much like the warm, loving glow you feel when you take time to sit and rest in the presence of Christ. Jesus is the Light of the World. It’s impossible to be with Him and not feel His loving presence and warm tenderness. After time with Him you will be all aglow with radiance and grace.


Do you think this is true? Go ahead and discover it for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you sat in His presence a day ago, two weeks ago, or not for a year. After all, Jesus gave His life to be with you. When you surrender to His gentle comfort, and share your heart with Him, you will be filled with the warmth of the Spirit and your soul will shine anew. 


“You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasure of living with you forever.” Psalms 16:11