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Dec 2, 2013

Pray for Jordan Walker

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It is amazing to think that when God finally sent the Messiah, he did so by way of a mom. Imagine the scene. The Christ child being swaddled by Mary while shepherds came bearing gifts. She must have been overwhelmed, excited beyond words, concerned about the future but trusting in God. Still, she watched in awe soaking in every moment of the incredible experience, knowing no matter what, love would take care of everything. Never underestimate the power of a mother's love. It can not be contained, knows no end, is tireless and limitless. 

This past week I became aware of a current day mom whose strength and love is astounding. She too is  watching the incredible events of her son's life, is overwhelmed and concerned for the future but trusting God and knowing love will take care of everything. Her son sustained a devastating injury during a football playoff game and remains hospitalized. Team mates, coaches, students, teachers and others come to visit and pull together events to provide prayer and community support. Although this mother's love can not be contained, knows no end, is tireless and limitless, the power of prayer is still needed. Won't you join in daily prayer for her son, Jordan Walker, as he recovers from the injuries he sustained and for her as she bravely loves him through this difficult time? When you do, remember to thank God for using this situation to demonstrate his grace and glory. Also thank him for the heath care  team and other individuals he has placed in Jordan's life to support him during this time. 

God bless Jordan and his family and everyone providing love and care to them.

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19

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