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Jan 9, 2011

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Life in the Lord

It was my birthday weekend and was I ever in for a lesson on aging. No, it was not a milestone birthday or anything like that. This weekend, I had a birthday visit from an amazing woman that loves the Lord and is almost twice my age. She is spry and spirited and will celebrate her 96th birthday in just over a week. 

She told me that her physical body is not what it was when she was a young model years ago. Honestly, she looks incredible, but her hands reveal her age. She is quite sensitive to the way her hands look and is displeased that they are not as beautiful as years ago. Well, at least not to her. 

Sure, to the naked eye her hands are wrinkled and a a bit arthritic. With spirited eyes, however, you can see that her hands are incredibly beautiful, full of deep, rich experiences, and have touched many lives. They mirror her spirit; seasoned, robust, and bursting with love. During the visit, she shared photos of her loved ones. Many had passed on before her, some way too soon. Others were still a part of her life. All meant so very much to her and had been blessed because of her hand in their lives. 

See, aging is not about growing old and wrinkled. Rather, it is about growing wiser and richer in the Lord through the Holy Spirit. This results in everlasting relationships, never ending love, and blessings that cross all space and time. Here's to life in the Lord!

  "..for those who are older are said to be wiser; but it is not mere age that makes men wise. Rather it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty which makes him intelligent." Job 32:7-9

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