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Jan 2, 2011

All Things New!

It's a brand New Year, all shiny and full of promise. There it is stretched out before you, all 365 days. Just think of the possibilities! You have a fresh start and an open invitation to write your 2011 story. It feels great to have renewed hope as you take the first steps into a new year. So come on in, pull up a seat and try it on.

Jesus Christ is the architect of new. He has all you need to take on 2011. Forget the resolutions and big empty plans. This year is going to be different. Instead of focusing on the often unobtainable goals, try something definitely more important. Clear your mind and your schedule for just about 15 minutes a day. Quit thinking about the "to do's" and all the needs. Just sit in quiet with the Lord. 

Ask that He provide you a peek at your landscape and then zoom in on the details. Is your life in alignment with Him? Are there components that need to be dusted off, removed, added, or adjusted? How are you doing in the area of serving Him, knowing Him and living in a way that puts Him on display for all to see? Are your heart, mind and intentions in the right place? Is your relationship with Him, and those in your life, what Christ would desire? 

Listen up! Be open to what the Lord has to say. If you set your heart on having a year filled with all that He has to show you, and spend time with Him everyday, 2011 will surely be a year of discovery and growth in Christ. Too busy for such a commitment? Perhaps you are hoping for more time first. God has provided all the time you need to satisfy your hopes and dreams when your focus is on Him.

"And so Lord my only hope is in you." Psalm 39:7

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