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Jul 19, 2009

Defensible Space

If you live in the mountains you are well aware of the term defensible space. Defensible space is the cleared area around the perimeter of a piece of property that provides the key point of defense from an approaching wildfire. This simple principle of providing space and distance from potential danger is one that is life saving. Although highly recommended, some property owners fail to create the space necessary to protect themselves from often fast moving wildfires. They find themselves ill equipped to come up against the ferocious heat and flames. The result of their failure to heed to wise advice is often evident in the scenes of charred remains aired on TV news channels and posted in morning newspapers.

As a Christian, you need to understand the benefits and need for defensible space in your life. Live your life in a way that provides distance from those things that would have you to lose your focus on the Lord or would tempt you to sin. Keep clear of activities and people that would cause you to trip up and veer off the path you are walking with Jesus Christ. Stay away from anything that has the potential to cause you to be in the vicinity of evil thoughts, motives, or influences. Do not let ungodly things enter your home, mind, or life. Jesus Christ is the ultimate defense from all that can harm you. He guards all that is yours. He is your strength and shield from every danger, a tower of safety and rock where no one can reach you. Protect yourself with His armor. In Him you will find the defensible space you need to be victorious!

“He will be your safety.” Isaiah 8:14