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Jul 26, 2009

At The Feet of Jesus

Is there someone in your life that you love very much and are unable to spend much time with? Perhaps it is an adult child that is preoccupied with their career. It could be a parent who lives far away or is very busy with their social calendar. Maybe it is a grandchild you see infrequently due to distance or family related issues. Perhaps it is a friend that has extensive family and work commitments or is just stretched too thin. It is unfortunate that the people we love being with the most are often the people we are able to spend the least amount of time with. Oh sure, when you get together it is enjoyable, fun, and fabulous but the time in between visits could be long, lonely, and quite empty.

Jesus loves spending time with you. He longs for the opportunity to hear what’s on your mind and in your heart. He waits for you to pour out your soul and share your thoughts. You are special to Him and let’s face it, you are one of a kind! He enjoys your company and is so blessed by the time you spend together. The only problem is that often the time together is too short and infrequent. He really wants to be with you often; actually He would like it very much if you spend some focused time with Him every day. Yes, I know you are busy. You are distracted, at times by the world, and even by the rambling thoughts that race through your mind. In spite of all that consider this, there is no better place to be than sitting at the feet of Jesus Christ. It is there that you will come to know the greatest love, peace, joy, and wisdom. What is keeping you from Jesus? How can you readjust your day to remove the barriers, excuses, and interruptions and make Him a priority? Can you skip a reality show, move away from the computer, or start your day just 15 minutes earlier to be with Him? When you take the time to be still and be grounded in Christ you will be certain to soar in everything you do.

"She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet listening to what he said." (Luke 10:39)

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